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Täältä voit ostaa sinulle ja neollesi ruokaa:

Hedelmät: 7N€

Organic Pineapple foo_tuskabobs_veggie foo_tuskabobs_fruit A beautiful bunch of 100% natural bananas. A Myncis favourite treat. A healthy treat for any pet.

This crunchy organic apple was created with no pesticides or artificial ingredients. These 100% natural grapes are a tasty treat for health conscious pets.

This plump peach has no artificial colours or preservatives. This prime pear was grown the way nature intended with no artificial ingredients. hfo_organic_plum A ripe juicy tomato grown the way mother nature intended. Broccoli is a delicious treat for health conscious pets.

This refreshing new berry will having you feel hot, cold and hot again. A bizarre hybrid that is almost like a citrus apple. Young Kougras love to throw these at each other as they explode when they hit the floor! Eww, you arent going to really eat this are you?  Inside is a thick bitter-tasting lumpy custard. Nobody knows much about the Banan.  The main explanation is that Bananas grew so close together they merged to become one big Banan.

A tangy, super sour juicy fruit that is packed full of vitamins and goodness. A sweet succulent fruit that will quench even the most thirsty Neopet. The whole of the Nurako can be eaten, even the stem which contains a very sweet nectar. Mmmm, how tasty. A chocolate fruit like no other. You will love to eat one after another after another after another after another. A squishy, sour flavoured treat that is great with ice cream.

This fruit has been grown in a strange shape to make it more appealing... do you think it worked? Your neopet will either love it or hate it. Jam packed with vitamins, leeks are lovely in a thick hearty broth. The most succulent, sweetest Tomatoes of all - mmmmMMMmmmm! Fresh green grapes picked fresh from an organic grape vine.

Crunchier and fresher than your bog standard radish! Mmmm cauliflower, everyone loves cauliflower! A tasty onion makes a eye-watering snack for Neopets brave enough to try it. A fresh crispy lettuce is great in a salad or on its own.


Keitot: 9N€

Aisha Tomato and Potato Soup Apple Soup Beef and Veggie Soup Chestnut Soup Chicken Dumpling Soup

Cauliflower Soup Bowl of Wocky Day Soup Cheery Tomato Soup Bowl Chocolate Soup Chomby Day Potato Soup

Chunky Cauliflower Soup Chunky Mushroom Soup Cream of Tchea Soup Creamy Carrot Soup Extra Creamy Soup

French Onion Soup French Onion Soup Cake Glowing Green Soup Harvest Soup Bowl Grarrl Saliva Soup

Slime Soup Slimy Pumpkin Soup Sloth Day Soup Pea and Lentil Soup Potato and Sweetcorn Soup

Hot Banana Soup Hot Fruit Soup Hot Strawberry Soup Minestrone Soup Lenny Cream of Onion Soup

Lenny Vegetable Soup Jhudora Day Soup Hot Snow Soup Lupe Soup Marshmallow Yam Soup

Mynci Mushroom Soup Mynci Vegetable Soup Neggdrop Soup Pink Shenkuu Soup Purple Shoyru Soup

Quiggle Veggie Soup sno_icespice_soup Soup Faerie Bowl Soup Faerie Soup Spicy Tomato Soup

Split Pea Soup Bowl Thick Chocolate Soup Tangy Twirly Fruit Soup Vegetable Soup Pot tyr_bonesoup

Xweetok Vegetable Soup Yellow Kougra Squash Soup


Jumbo Pea Sandwich

Onion Kacheek Bread Mega Tuna Sandwich Mega Sandwich Nachos and Cheese

bak_acarapanini_seaweed bak_acarapanini_cheese bak_acarapanini_ham bak_acarapanini_pbnj It is amazing how well purplum goes with cheese.  This is truly great 

 Uni Day Jam Sandwich Uni Day Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Uni Day BLT Sandwich Grey Sandwich Apple Walnut Tea Sandwiches BLT sandwich Blue Yurble Sandwich

bori_sandwich_plate Buzz Sandwich With Honey Cheese Ghostkersandwich Cheesy Jetsam Sandwich Jammy Kyrii Sandwich

Cheesy Kyrii Sandwich Chokato Ghostkersandwich Cress Ghostkersandwich Dewy Apple Sandwich CPMPB Sandwich

Cranberry Turkey Sandwich Egg and Tomato Sandwich Extra Meaty Sandwich foo_draik_cracker_sandwich Fig Sandwich

foo_scorchio_sandwichcheese foo_scorchio_sandwichham Forest Fruits Sandwich Gooey Jetsam Sandwich Gnorbu Wool and Jelly Sandwich

Left-over Sliced Turkey Sandwich Left-over Turkey Drumstick Sandwich Left-over Turkey Sandwich Left-over Turkey Steak Sandwich Left-over Turkey Wing Sandwich

Longan Sandwich Mega Pipper Sandwich Pigalicious Ham Sandwich Rambus Salad Sandwich Quiggle Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Pastrami Sandwich Sakhmetian Grape Sandwich Sroom Fruit Sandwich Techo Foot Sandwich Vegetable Quiggle Sandwich

Salaatit: 3N€

Altadorian Cobb Salad Altadorian Olive Salad Azzle Salad bvf_pr_merato_screlon_salad Coral Salad

CPMPB Salad Faerie Fruit Salad Fresh Green Salad Fried Calamari Salad Fruity Salad

grf_rottentomatosalad Lemint Green Salad Lobsterclaw Salad Mixed Grarrl Salad Mixed Green Salad

Moehog Salad Mushroom and Herb Salad Noodle Salad Octle Salad qfo_sand_fruitsalad

shf_seaweed_salad Snowmuncher Salad Squibble Berry Salad Stuffed Olive Salad Taco Salad

Techo Garden Salad Thistleberry Fruit Salad Twin Salad

Murot: 4N€

Chia Cereal Crispy Crunchy Cookies Cereal Florg Os Cereal Gnome Crunch Deluxe Cereal Hasee Puff Cereal

Maraquan Munch Cereal Peanut Crunch Cereal Robot Kacheek Loop Cereal Snowmuncher Cereal Blue Poogle Cereal

Cloud Shoyru Cereal Crunchy Kacheek Cereal Enchanting Strawberry Cereal Gravel Cereal Mini Koi Cereal

Neocrunch Cereal Plum Crunch Cereal Purple Bruce Cereal Shoyru Cereal

Jugurtit: 2N€

hfo_grapefruit_yoghurt hfo_melon_yoghurt hfo_strawberry_yoghurt hfo_plain_yoghurt Chokato Pudding

Vauvanruuat: 4N€

Beef and Veg Baby Food Forest Fruit Baby Food Lemon Meringue Baby Food Pea and Ham Baby Food Strawberries and Cream Baby Food

Baby Kougra Custard Chocolate Custard Custard Durian Custard

Lemint Custard Super Icy Custard Tigersquash Custard Baby Acara Morphing Potion Baby Aisha Morphing Potion

Baby Bruce Morphing Potion Baby Draik Morphing Potion Baby Gnorbu Morphing Potion Baby Jetsam Morphing Potion Baby Poogle Morphing Potion

Baby Usul Morphing Potion


bvf_skeem_jam Chokato Jam foo_raspberry_jam Homemade Gooseberry Jam Homemade Marmalade

hfo_pumpkinbbfood hfo_avacadobbfood hfo_blueberrybbfood hfo_chokatobbfood

Juustot: 3N€

Cheese foo_kau_minicheese_swiss Cheese Chair Cheese Mat Cheese Pillow

Laatikot: 6N€
Turkey Casserole foo_krawkpot_cheesy foo_krawkpot_leafy foo_krawkpot_meatpotatoes

Kurkkupastillit: 3N€

Blueberry Lozenge Cherry Lozenge Lemon Lozenge Lime Lozenge

Purkat: 1N€

Bubble Negg Bubble Gum can_dest_strawberrygum Fire Faerie Gum grf_lim_chilly_lime_gum

grf_sausage_mayo_gum grf_peanut_seaweed_gum grf_sardine_vin_gum Gumball Machine Gumglobe

Inconspicuous Gumball Machine Kiwi-Pear Gummies usuki_berrygum usuki_grapegum usuki_mintgum

usuki_orangegum toy_fake_gum


Jääjuomat: 8N€

Blue Bomberry Slushie Black Cherry Slushie Blue Pop Slushie Bubble Gum Slushie Cheese Plate Slushie

Cheese Slushie Cheeseburger Slushie Cheesy Pizza Slushie Cheops Slushie Chokato Slushie

Cloud Slushie Cranberry Slushie Creme Brulee Slushie Custard Slushie Disco Slushie

Dung Slushie Ergy Slushie Fire and Ice Slushie Flatfruit Slushie Freshly Cut Grass Slushie

Grilled Ummagine Slushie Icy Mint Slushie Jelly Slushie Jumbleberry Slushie Kiwi Slushie

Lemon Slushie Lime Berry Maraqua Altador Cup Slushie Lime Slushie Lime Time Slushie Loveberry Slushie

Magical Red Starry Slushie Mangorific Slushie Marshmallow Slushie Mortogberry Slushie Munuberry Slushie

Mystery Berry Slushie Negg Slushie Oil and Nuts Slushie Oranella Slushie Orange Cream Slushie

Pan Galactic Gargle Slushie Pebble Dash Slushie Pineapple Slushie Rahketmelon Slushie Raspberry Slushie

Roseatte Slushie Secret Sloth Slushie Sludgy SlushieSniddberry Slushie Snow Slushie

Snowberry Slushie Sour Blue Slushie Sour Lemon Slushie Stone and Slime Slushie Strawberry Blend Slushie

Super Sour Slushie Tangerine Slushie Tangy Red Melon Slushie Tar Slushie Tchea Fruit Slushie

Teal and Purple Juppie Slushie Tetraberry Slushie Thistleberry Slushie Thornata Slushie Transparaberry Slushie

Wormy Slushie Zeenana Slushie Apple Cinnamon Slushie

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Berry Blend Slushie Berry Cola Slushie Cherry Lemonade Slushie Chocolate Chip Cookie Slushie Chocolate Mint Slushie

Coco Whip Slushie Grapity Slushie Holiday Slushie Peanut and Chocolate Slushie Peanut Butter Slushie

Pepperminto Slushie Rainborific Slushie Space Slushie Tangy Tropic Slushie Tiger Orange Slushie

Pullot ja tölkit: 7N€

Apple Juice Carton Grape Juice Carton Lime Juice Carton Pineapple Juice Carton Strawberry Juice Carton

Bubbly Harffel Fruit Juice Bubbly Rhuby Fruit Juice Bubbly Roseatte Juice Bubbly Twirly Fruit Juice Sparkling Apple Juice

Sparkling Grape Juice Sparkling Raspberry Juice Stramberry Juice Dandelion and Burdock Drink Orange Drink Powder

Red Buzz Energy Drink Robot Mynci Energy Drink Techo Energy Drink Carton of Orange Juice foo_ruki_juicebox

spf_candycorn_soda Silver Aisha Soda Strawberry Ixi Soda Sour Apple Ixi Soda Black Cherry Ixi Drink

Orange Ixi Drink

smo_krawkade_darigandelite smo_krawkade_energyblast

Achyfit: 6N€ Strawberry Achyfi Lime Achyfi

Dirt Achyfi Achyfi Ice Apple Achyfi Bacon Achyfi Broccoli Achyfi

Carrot Fizz Achyfi Coconut and Gooseberry Achyfi Tarragon Achyfi Celery Achyfi Chocolate Achyfi

Prawn Cocktail Achyfi

Neocolat: 5N€

Big Gulp Neocola Diet Big Gulp Neocola


Pirtelöt: 6N€

Milk Bubble Tea Flatfruit Bubble Tea coff_bubbletea_chokato coff_bubbletea_lychee coff_bubbletea_rainbow

coff_bubble_greentearedbean Bubble Tea Banana Milkshake Black Currant Milkshake Chocolate Milkshake

Kiwi Milkshake Peach Milkshake Raspberry Milkshake Strawberry Milkshake Vanilla Milkshake

foo_chocomalt_milkshake foo_date_milkshake foo_neopolitan_milkshake foo_pastrami_milkshake Butterscotch Milkshake

Cherry Milkshake Chocolate Fish Pop Milkshake Coffee Milkshake Lime Milkshake Marshmallow Milkshake

Strawberry and Cheese Milkshake kyrii_chocolate_milkshake kyrii_lime_milkshake kyrii_orange_milkshake kyrii_strawberry_milkshake

Chocolate Deluxe Flotsam Day Shake Minty Flotsam Day Shake Strawberry Flotsam Day Shake Vanilla Flotsam Day Shake Cauliflower Shake

Cheesy Chocoshake Elephante Milkshake Flatfruit Shake Flotsam Kelp Shake foo_peanutdash_shake

Milkyway Shake Rose Shake Royal Scorchio Shake Speckled Uni Milkshake Spooky Shake

Strawberry Gelert Shake

Smoothiet: 7N€

Large Asparrot Smoothie Large Bean Smoothie Large Blueberry Tomato Blend Smoothie Large Churro Smoothie Large Fishy Smoothie

Large Honey Lemon Smoothie Large Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie Large Islandberry Smoothie Large Kalery Smoothie Large Lemon Blitz Smoothie

Large Melman Smoothie Large Original Kiwi Smoothie Large Rasmelon Smoothie Large Salmon Sherbert Smoothie Large Shepherds Pie Smoothie

Large Spirulina Smoothie Large Splime Smoothie Large Super Lemon Grape Smoothie Large Wild Chocomato Smoothie Large Yogurt Pea Smoothie

Mega Apple Cinnamon Smoothie Mega Asparrot Smoothie Mega Bamboo Smoothie Mega Bean Smoothie Mega Blueberry Tomato Smoothie

Mega Cabpru Smoothie Mega Carmelon Smoothie Mega Celion Smoothie Mega Churro Smoothie Mega Fishy Smoothie

Mega Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie Mega Islandberry Smoothie Mega Kalboo Smoothie Mega Kalery Smoothie Mega Lemon Blitz Smoothie

Mega Melman Smoothie Mega Neggnog Smoothie Mega Orange Clove Smoothie Mega Original Kiwi Smoothie Mega Peagurt Smoothie

Mega Rasmelon Smoothie Mega Roasted Chestnut Smoothie Mega Salmon Sherbert Smoothie Mega Seaspin Smoothie Mega Shepherds Pie Smoothie

Mega Spirulina Smoothie Mega Splime Smoothie Mega Super Lemon Grape Smoothie Mega Sweet Lemon Smoothie Mega Wheatgrass Fruit Smoothie

Mega Wild Chocomato Smoothie Small Apple Cinnamon Smoothie Small Asparrot Smoothie Small Bamboo Smoothie Small Bean Smoothie

Small Blueberry Tomato Smoothie Small Celion Smoothie Small Churro Smoothie Small Fishy Smoothie Small Honey Lemon Smoothie

Small Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie Small Islandberry Smoothie Small Kalboo Smoothie Small Kalery Smoothie Small Lemon Blitz Smoothie

Small Melman Smoothie Small Neggnog Smoothie Small Orange Clove Smoothie Small Original Kiwi Smoothie Small Rasmelon Smoothie

Small Roasted Chestnut Smoothie Small Salmon Sherbert Smoothie Small Seaspin Smoothie Small Shepherds Pie Smoothie Small Spirulina Smoothie

Small Splime Smoothie Small Super Lemon Grape Smoothie Small Wheatgrass Fruit Smoothie

Ateriat :10N€

 Bangers and Mash 


Filet of Beef 


Fish Special 







Ocean Platter 

Negg Noodles 

Sweet Ham and Fruit

Turkey Drumstick Dinner 



Seafood Pasta Salad 





Turkey Salad

Tyrannian Salad



Mystery Island Coconut Rice Bowl

Tentacle Rice

Chicken Curry

Number Pasta

Puntec Fruit Pasta

Gammon Dinner

Sliced Turkey Dinner

Tofurky Dinner

Turkey Steak Dinner

Turkey Wing Dinner


Piirakat: 10N€

Banana Mince Pie    Broccoli Mince Pie    Chocolate Drop Mince Pie    Caramel Apple Mince Pie    Dargil Meat Mince Pie

Harfell Mince Pie     Hazelnut Mince Pie    Krakuberry Mince Pie     Lemint Mince Pie    Marmalade Mince Pie

Minty Cherry Mince Pie    Peppermint Mince Pie    Strawberry Mince Pie    Thornberry Mince Pie     Tigersquash Mince Pie

Triple Chocolate Mince Pie    Vionanna Mince Pie    White Chocolate Mince Pie    bak_pie_cherry    bak_pie_chokato

bak_pie_fried     bak_pie_pineapple    Beef Stew Pie    Blackberry Pie    Blue Berry Pie

Carrot Pie     Cherry-tastic Faerie Pie    foo_bullseye_pie     Hearty Pie     Hot Dog and Beans Pie

Lentil Pie     Marrow Pie    

Muffinssit: 6N€

bak_quigglecupcake_choc    bak_quigglecupcake_skeen    bak_quigglecupcake_strawberry    bak_quigglecupcake_van    Artichoke Cupcake

bak_mutant_cupcake     bak_urgonicupcake_blueberry    bak_urgonicupcake_pepmint    bak_urgonicupcake_strawberry    Banana Bori Cupcake

Blueberry Bori Cupcake    Banana Mynci Day Cupcake    Card Suit Cupcakes    Berry Cupcake    Chocolate Vanilla Cupcake

Carrot Cupcake    Cherry Bori Cupcake    Cherry Xweetok Cupcake    Chocolate Poogle Cupcake    Chocolate Yurble Cupcake

Chomby Day Cupcake    Cocojuice Cupcake    Colourful Kougra Cupcake    Cupcake with Rainbow Frosting    Disco JubJub Cupcake

Dung Berry Tonu Cupcake    Ergy Fruit Cupcake    ffo_cupcake_firefaerie    ffo_cupcake_lightfaerie    ffo_cupcake_snowfaerie

ffo_cupcake_spacefaerie    foo_buzzer_cupcake    Galaxy Cupcake    Green Kacheek Cupcake    Grey Cupcake

grf_shrimpcupcake    Gummy Gem Cupcake    Hannah Cupcake    Iced Eyrie Cupcake    Illusen Day Cupcake

Island JubJub Cupcake    Islandberry Tonu Cupcake    Jhudoras Cupcake    Kau Cupcake     Lava Cupcake

Lime and Chocolate Yurble Cupcake    Lime Bori Cupcake    Lime Cupcake     Lime Slorg Cupcake    Plumberry Slorg Cupcake

Lost Desert Pyramid Cupcake    Mint Chocolate Wocky Cupcake     Nimmo Day Cupcake     Olive Cupcake    Orange Jetsam Cupcake

Orange Marmalade Cupcake    Peanut Mynci Day Cupcake    Red Kacheek Cupcake     Shell-Topped Cupcakes    Snowager Cupcake

Speckled Cupcake    Squibble Berry Tonu Cupcake    Starry Cupcake    Starry Poogle Cupcake    Starry Scorchio Cupcake

Strawberry and Chocolate Yurble Cupcake    Strawberry Gelert Cupcake    Strawberry Mynci Day Cupcake     Strawberry Poogle Cupcake     Striped Blumaroo Frosted Cupcake

Striped Ixi Cupcake    Tangella Slorg Cupcake    Voidberry Slorg Cupcake    Usuki Baby Cupcake    Vanilla and Chocolate Yurble Cupcake

Vanilla Gnorbu Cupcake    Vanilla Poogle Cupcake    Watermelon Cupcake    Tetraberry Tonu Cupcake    Tuskaninny Cupcake

White Aisha Cupcake    Banana JubJub Muffin    Chocolate JubJub Muffin    Chokato JubJub Muffin    Lime JubJub Muffin

Cloud Bruce Muffin    Grape Bruce Muffin    Minty Bruce Muffin     Strawberry Bruce Muffin    Vanilla Bruce Muffin

Chocolate Kacheek Muffin     Choco-Strawberry Muffin    Cloud Muffin    Fruit Muffin    Fyora Day Muffin

Grapefruit Muffin     Jhudoras Exploding Muffins     Kiwi Muffin    Pineapple Muffin    Orange Aisha MuffinSpoooky Muffin    Taelia Muffin


Acara Day Burger

Aisha Cheese Burger

Aisha Mega Burger

Altador Cheese Burger

Barga Burger

Beast Burger

Bluehamberry Burger

Bluna Burger


Cheesy Cod and Tofu Burger

Deluxe Elephante Burger

Flaming Hot Burger

Fish Burger


Geraptiku Burger

Giant Grarrl Burger


Honey and Bacon Burger

Ixi Double Veggie Burger

Mega Tonu Day Burger

Lime Jelly Burger

Lenny Veggie Burger

Refreshing Peophin Burger

Royal Blue Cheese Burger

Spicy Kau Burger

Ultimate Burger

Vegetarian Cheeseburger

Vegetarian Tonu Day Burger

Star Shaped Cheese Burger

Seaweed Flotsam Burger

Hot dogit:3N€

Banana Yoghurt Hot Dog

Bacon and Cheese Hot Dog

Carrot Hot Dog

Burning Hot Dog

Chilli And Cheese Hot Dog

Cheese and Mushroom Hot Dog

Cheesykraut Hot Dog

Chilli Hot Dog

Cookie Hot Dog

Flaming Hot Hot Dog

Disco Hot Dog

Four Alarm Hot Dog

Glowing Green Hot Dog

Gravy Hot Dog

Hot Dog

Honey Coated Hot Dog

Ketchup and Mustard Hot Dog

Mustard and Tofu Hot Dog

Pea Hot Dog

Peanut Butter and Jelly Hot Dog

Rambus Hot Dog

Rhuby Fruit Jam Hot Dog

Squid Hot Dog

Strawberry Flavoured Hot Dog

Tarragon and Brie Hot Dog

Teeny Hot Dog

Wiggly Hot Dog

Triple Hot Dog

Ultra Cheesy Hot Dog

Veggie Hot Dog


Fly and Maggot Pizza

Meat Feast Pizza

Megapepper Pizza

Mushrolivepepper Pizza

Pepperolive Pizza

Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza

Pepperoni Power! Pizza

Yummy Muddy Pizza

Yam-Lime Pizza

Split Pizza

Rainbow Melt Pizza


Roast Chestnut Pizza Slice

Slice of Zafara Pizza

Mushroom Pizza Slice

Peachy Pizza

Peppermint Pizza

Crust-Only Pizza

Colourful Negg Pizza Slice

Flaming Hot Pizza

Sauce Drenched Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza Doughnut

Qando Pizza

Smiley Pizza

Whole Mushroom Pizza

Whole Cauliflower and Lentil Pizza

Whole Chilli Cheese Pizza

Whole Pepperoni and Mushroom Pesto Pizza

Whole Anchovy Pizza

Whole Sushi Pizza

Tropical Fruit Pizza Slice

Pirate Pizza

Frog Leg Pizza


Flaming Fire Faerie Pizza

Chocberry Pizza

Cauliflower and Lentil Pizza Slice

Caramel Pizza Slice


Animal-style Chips

Bag of Chips

Chips and Curry Sauce

Chips and Gravy

Fish and Chips

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